Fertility Preservation

fertility preservation service is designed to protect and preserve your fertility for the future. We specialise in providing care in fertility considerations for patients who have cancer or where their fertility is at risk.

If your fertility preservation referral is for oncology (cancer) purposes you should mention this at the time of your appointment to see the fertility specialist to ensure that you are seen quickly – within 24-48 hours with a senior fertility specialist and a counsellor if required.

Fertility Options

The main reason young women and men may need to consider this is the risk of damage to eggs and sperm from chemotherapy drugs, radiotherapy or other treatments, including surgery, for serious medical illnesses and cancer.

Some women may also consider fertility preservation because they are getting older but are not in a situation where they can try to have a baby right now.

For young women these options include freezing of eggs, freezing of embryos, freezing of ovarian tissue and medications which may protect the ovaries from toxic chemotherapy drugs.

For young men the options include freezing some sperm and freezing of testicular tissue.

More about Fertility Preservation

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